Cytus Launch Announcement

Why Cytus?

With unprecedented interest rate hikes, crypto investors are beginning to look at off-chain assets as stronger yield providers. The 1 year U.S treasury rate is well over 4%, while the risk free yield farming rates in DeFi for protocols like Aave and Compound are less than 1%.

Cytus: A Part of Robinland

Robinland’s mission of “Unlocking Commercial Real Estate” stems from the monopoly large financial institutions in the U.S hold on U.S real estate debt. Robinland was created to allow anyone to invest in commercial real estate debt in small pieces for the first time. But with SEC regulations, the Robinland platform in the short term requires investors to be accredited and a U.S Citizen.

What’s next? Roadmap of 4 Launch Stages

The current launch is our first step in launching the fully functional DeFi protocol we envision.



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